Artistic Approach

For over twenty years, I have breathed clay. I began by sculpting old people, immortalizing their expressions of tenderness, love and sadness, “imprinting” in clay with traces of their lives.

 And then, I decided to tell stories, porcelain stories.

Coming into communion with the elements, the earth, the plant, and particularly the air, the breath, which carries and transmits life allows me to exist fully.

I have always been close to nature, living to the rhythms of life’s cycles and its impermanence. This closeness has shaped my outlook on the wabi-sabi-like universe.

Beyond the concept of aesthetics, it is a true spiritual process, a kind of state of absolute porosity.

It presupposes the acceptance of the finitude of things, of their imperfection and their incompleteness.

I try to give objects and volumes  their own breathing space. Likewise, by sublimating imperfection, I abandon the smooth in favor of the rough, I move away from the overflow to promote the void.

In this way of expression, I translate the passage between expansion and contraction

My favorite clay has become porcelain.

The clay most opposed to my approach a priori: hard, cold, waterproof, luxurious, almost arrogant. But which precisely, by its purity, its finesse, its whiteness, synthesis of all the colors, allows a fine writing, where the meaning exceeds the form, the immaterial shines best. And can resonate with other materials, such as wood, plexiglass, metal.

The works each have their own aesthetic, tell their story. But beyond that, they are the letters of a larger message that she invites to share.

This message feeds on everything: cell biology, the sovereignty of nature, the ethereal world of Japanese prints, the destitution of industrial wasteland, the modest lines of Romanesque architecture …

In the process of creation, I abandon myself to a game of experimentation with matter, making and undoing, causing accidents. This ritual helps me free myself from thought patterns and access unlikely encounters.

With each creation, I hope for the unpredictable, the unknown.

The inspiration in me, followed by the expiration that allows me to be reborn, under another technique or new expression.