Doris was born in Mainz, Germany. From the youngest age, nature has been a place to dream, imagine and relax. Coming into communion with the elements, the earth, the plant, and particularly the air, the breath, which carries and transmits life, gave her the feeling of fully existing.

Arriving in Paris in the 90s, Doris follows many training in sculpture, drawing, glass and ceramics. By continuing this dialogue with herself through different modes of expression, she had a first revelation 25 years ago by creating the bust of her two-year-old son in clay, with this powerful impression of bringing out his essentiality. Working with clay, feels for her as an encounter with oneself, the history of the universe and of humanity.

And the second, with the discovery of Wabi-Sabi. Beyond the aesthetic concept, it is a real spiritual process, a kind of state of absolute porosity favoring breathing between one’s interiority and the outside world. An acceptance of impermanence, of their imperfections and incompleteness.

Breathing is a recurring theme in my work. She gives the works their own breath to take us on a journey towards permeability.

In the 2000s, Doris moved to the South of France and focuses of her favorite clay, the porcelain, a symbol of light. The clay most opposed to his approach at first : hard, cold, waterproof, luxurious, almost arrogant. But which precisely, by its purity, its delicacy, its whiteness, its translucency, synthesis of all colors, allows a fine writing, where the meaning goes beyond the form, the intangible shows through best and can resonate with others materials. In 2007, she decided to join a collective of artists and opened a place dedicated to creation at the Tuilerie Bossy.

Art is the surest way to escape the demands of the world, and yet there are no safer connections than those of which art is the principle.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


1993 – 1996 – Regular free access courses at the “Ateliers de Paris” – Design, sculpture, painting
1995-96 – Evening classes “Ecole Boulle”, design and planning
1996 – 1998 – Internship and classes
– Ceramist Danièle Coulloud-Pougès, Morsang sur Seine – Learning enamels, initiation to f
– Ceramique de la gare, Bannstein – Raku knowledge and sculpture related to metal.
– Harald Krüger, Giessen – Free and plastic sculpture
2007 – Creation of the studio at the Tuilerie Bossy
2012 – Training “le clos-lieu” with Arno Stern
2013 – Artist residency in Shigaraki, Japan
2014 – Intervener at the Hibbing Community College, Minnasota, United States
– Ceramic classes for students in higher art studies
2017 – 2020 – Art therapy training – Crest, La salamandre, 2nd year validated


2000 Odéon market, Paris
2003 Short-circuit, Marseille
2003 Salon des Arts, Toulon
2004 Ceramics Days, Paris
2004 Spring of the potters, Bandol
2005 Ceramics Days, Paris
2005 Argilla, Aubagne
2006 Cour-circuit, Paris
2007 Ceramics market, Oldenburg
2007 Argilla, Aubagne
2007 Odéon market, Paris
2008 Group exhibition with Daniel Kamer and Chiaki Masui in Aix en Provence
2010 Argilla, Faenza
2011 Sculpture in Liberty, Roquebrune sur Argens
2011 SMART, Aix en Provence
2011 SIAC, Marseille
2011 Terramicales, Paris
2012 Works offered for sale in the boutique of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.
2012 Group exhibition “The apartment”, Paris
2012 “Hors-Série” Exhibition, Paris
2013 Exhibition with the collective “Misceo”
2015 SMART, Aix en Provence
2016 Guest at the “Cedar Forest” exhibition, Bonnieux
2017 South side, Aix en Provence
2018 South side, Aix en Provence
2019 Guest at Saint Sulpice Céramique, Paris
2019 Tupiniers, Lyon
2019 Exhibition in Berlin
2021 Guest at the “Synchronism” exhibition in Forcalquier